An Ode to an Unemployed Blogger

I saw Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver again for the second time last night, and I absolutely love the movie. I love how watching it for a second time, I fell for it all over again, experiencing the same sense of wonder I did the first time. It’s one of those movies where the second I walk out of the theater, I want to hop back in line and see it again. And not because it has some game-changing twist at the end like The Sixth Sense, Gone Girl, or Fight Club, making me need to go back to find all the clues I missed the first time around. No, Baby Driver is different, it’s special. I wanted to see it again because its such a well made, sincere film. Baby Driver is by no means a perfect movie, but theres one thing I think it does exceptionally well: It lets its creator execute their vision.

I recently left my career. I enjoyed what I did, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me. I kept thinking, this is good, but it’s not my passion. So I’ve just been asking myself, What is it that I love? What do I do that brings me joy? If I’m going to leave my job because it’s not the right fit, then I damn well better do something I’m passionate about next.

I love movies. My dad passed on to me his passion for cinema, and when I was growing up, movies were the way he and I bonded. I remember late nights when he said it was ok to stay up past my bed time so we could finish watching some old classic movie. I remember when we went and saw The Dark Night at my first ever midnight premiere. I remember seemingly countless nights of him putting in a movie, and when I asked what it was, simply smiling and saying “You’ll see!” As long as I can remember, movies have been apart of my life. I can think of few experiences I enjoy more than sitting down with a group of friends and watching a film together.

So while I’m unemployed, I figured I might as well do something that I love to pass this time. I have no intention of being the next Roger Ebert. I don’t think I’m suddenly going to have a blog that gets hundreds of thousands of patrons, and I by no means, think this will suddenly become my new career. However, I love movies and I love sharing that with others.

A few weeks after Edgar Wright left Ant-Man due to creative differences with Marvel, he posted an image to his social media of Buster Keaton holding a Cornetto ice cream cone. To those who followed his work, they knew what this image stood for. Edgar Wright left because he saw that the fit wasn’t right. He posted this picture as a way of saying that no matter what, he was going to do what he loved, and he wasn’t going to be stopped. And when he made this decision, to stick to his guns regardless the cost, he gave us Baby Driver. A movie that is so clearly and purely his vision, and all the better for it.

I left my old job because, even though It was great, It wasn’t what I loved.

I love movies, and I can’t wait to talk about them with you.


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